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>>  Regular Course 

>>  Specialised Course in Research Methodology




The purpose of this course would be:

1)      To Evolve Physician as a good human being.

2)      To Evolve Competency in Homoeopathic Practice as demanded by Hahnemann in Oraganon of Medicine.

3)      To Evolve every Trained Homoeopathic Physician to develop into Institution by themselves.



Eligibility : Graduate and Post Graduate in Homoeopathy. 

Type of course: Full time 

Duration : 3 months 

Method : In our institution we directly expose learners to patients so that they get experience to manage different type of cases based on our well defined and designed training program. They also share his experiences amongst other learners so that each one can share their experiences and learn from each other. This enables them to gain  confidence in managing the case.

This training also makes them aware of their prejudices, conviction & beliefs in their life. Thus he is evolved to become an unprejudiced observer, which is the prime demand of Homoeopathy. This training also helps to transform their life and living for better purpose in life.


1st of January
1st of May
1st of September

Each course will be of 3 months duration followed by a 7 day Intensive School

The course consists of –

-         Clinical sessions

-         Group sessions

-         Intensive School


Clinical sessions

This consists of morning and evening clinical sessions with various Physicians where the learners are given pilot training from the first day onwards.

Learners are given postings in rotation with the core Physicians.


Group sessions
These sessions will be taken in the afternoon and will consist of –


Interview Technique

The learners will be trained in the art of interviewing the patient according to the guidelines given in Organon. The Homoeopathic Case Record (HCR) and the Manual for operating the HCR will be provided to the learners.


Case Study – Acute / Chronic / Pathological / Life & Living Cases

Here cases will be taken up for open discussion and various aspects of practical Homoeopathy discussed. A Homoeopathic approach to study and management of Clinical Medicine will be taken via cases.

Life and living cases and their management by defining the problem and giving the patient a resolution for the same will be discussed vis a vis the learner’s experiences in their life and living.


Study of Homoeopathic Materia Medica

Detailed study of various drugs in HMM and guidelines to study of Materia Medica from various source books and making your own understanding from source books and cases, so as to make the application of drugs at an operational level easier and more reliable.


Conjoint Sessions –

Here Cases of all experienced physicians & Stalwarts of the institution are given to help give the learners the entire panorama of Homoeopathic Practice.



In view of imparting high standards of education to homoeopathic physicians, HERI developed its Homoeopathic Case record (HCR) which is organon based & which helps physicians develop right methodology of practice which is made easy by the 5point program & which has been accepted & practiced in most of the PG colleges.

Specialized Course in Research Methodology – 

Eligibility : Post Graduate in Homoeopathy / Student having completed Regular course.

Type of course :
Full Time
 Duration :
6 months.

Method : After basic training one has to evolve further which is possible only if he does research in a particular field, for which demands keeping abreast with the latest advances in that field, upgradation of knowledge and to develop skills to the benefit of all. For this the individual will require discipline of a high order, he will during his training require to;

1. To define Scope of Homoeopathy in treatment of that particular System / Condition.

2. To assess the time taken for the same

3. To assess effects of – 

            a. Age

            b. Sex

            c. Occupation

            d. Family History

            e. Miasm

            f. Susceptibility

            g. Personality

    in modifying / maintaining the same

4. To make the personality profile of individuals suffering from complaints affecting the system condition under study.

5. To evolve therapeutic guidelines in –

            a. Remedy selection

            b. Potency selection

            c. Repetition

            d. Use of intercurrent / anti-miasmatic remedies

            e. Use of specific sector remedies

 He will at the end of his training require conducting a workshop on his subject, and submitting atleast 5cases to prove his proposition. For the above he will be provided with all possible guidelines and professional help within the means of the institution.


1st of January

1st of July